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Who-o-o’s Johnny, Who Are You? School Curriculum

For many longtime Norfolkans, their recollection of Johnny Carson — his growing up in Norfolk and his 30 years as host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” — remain vivid.

But today’s students may have little knowledge of Norfolk’s most famous native son.

That may change, however, thanks to a new school curriculum being made available that provides a lesson in character development and sharing information about Carson in doing so.

The curriculum was developed by Susan Warneke of Norfolk on behalf of the Great American Comedy Festival, which received financial assistance from Humanities Nebraska.

This curriculum was designed to show how Johnny Carson demonstrated some character qualities that can be modeled by students.

This lesson incorporates photos, facts, memories and examples of character to help students understand that Johnny Carson was more than a talented comedian and television host.

It focuses attention on Norfolk and Nebraska but is applicable to teachers and students — especially in fourth through sixth grades — anywhere.

Below teachers will find a complete lesson guide and PowerPoint for grades 4-6 with accompanying background materials.

The Great American Comedy Festival and Humanities Nebraska is happy to provide these materials for Nebraska’s students.

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PowerPoint Presentation:
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Carson Connections Background Materials
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Johnny Carson Facts and Anecdotes: